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GC Honey Bees

Summer Butterflies & Rainbows Kids Honey's - 250g

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Our Summer, Butterflies & Rainbows Collection is inspired by kids! This line of honey is a fun, healthier alternative with no refined sugars.  In memory of Nia Eastman.

Use on your toast, cereals, yogurt, pancakes, ice cream and more.

We cream and infuse all of our honey right in the extracting warehouse here on our farm. 

Unicorn Madness is our creamed honey with Marshmallow flavour and a pretty coloring combo of Purple and Blue

Mermaid Tail is our creamed honey with a fruity flavour and a pretty colour combo of Greens and Blue

Hubba Bubble  is our creamed honey with a bubble gum flavour and a pretty purple colour.

Banana Split is our creamed honey with a banana split flavour and a light yellow colour

Cookie Monster is our creamed honey with a cookies and cream flavour and blue colour

Root Beer Float is our creamed honey with root beer flavour and natural coloring.

All our products are Gluten and Dairy Free!