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Zen Gems Yoga

Starburst Faceted Gem Necklace

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Stars are symbols of guiding light. Wherever you are on your journey, allow your brilliant spirit to shine bright. 
Starburst necklaces are radiant and perfect for layering — with many options in the most beautifully facet cut gemstones -- rose quartz, labradorite, amethyst or lapis lazuli. Comes with a gemstone description tag as listed below. 
Features 24" gold plated stainless steel microbead chain. Starburst pendant measures 1" around.
rose quartz
unconditional love, compassion, infinite peace, kindness, calm, sensitivity, purifying, balances emotions
heart chakra, pain, anxiety, hormones, circulation

stone of balance & peace; protection from negativity, self esteem, inner self, clarity, moving forward
all healing, immune support, headaches, sleep, hormones

lapis lazuli
total awareness + truth; used to purify + revitalize physically + emotionally; activates higher mind; relieves stress w/ inner peace + harmony 
depression, immune, adhd, detox, sleep

power, transformation, magic, guides intuition, stimulates intellect, originality, inspiration, balances chakras
vision, brain, metabolism