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Zen Gems Yoga

Spring Adjustable Gemstone Slider Bracelet

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Gold plated adjustable slider bracelet (fits all sizes of wrists up to a maximum size of 9.5")

Rhodochrosite (pink), larimar (blue), citrine (yellow), chrysoprase (green) or amethyst (purple).

Comes with a gemstone tag featuring the healing description of each gem.


heart healing; expands mind to higher consciousness; leading from a place of love; connects to joy + wonder

spleen, heart, anxiety, fetal development, aging


gentle healing energy; heightens self understanding; brings serenity + divine feminine wisdom + balance to the body + soul cartilage/throat conditions

filled with happiness, light + abundance; helps to manifest goals, bringing vibrancy to intentions; self-awareness + creativity; energizes  digestion, depression

symbolizes growth + healing; optimism, joy + abundance; brings alignment that empowers you spiritually; circulates divine truth + loving energy   
heart, reproductive organs
stone of balance & peace; protection from negativity, self esteem, inner self, clarity, moving forward
all healing, immune support, headaches, sleep, hormones