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Zen Gems Yoga

Shanti Gemstone Bracelet || Rhodonite Pink Zebra Jasper

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featuring 10 mm black laced rhodonite and pink zebra jasper

7" size = small to medium

7.5" size = medium to large

(** measure your wrist with a measuring tape snugly and add one inch to get bracelet size)

Comes with a Zen Gems tag featuring the energetic properties of the stones below:  


infuses soul with love, encourages unconditional love, heals old patterns, freedom, removes toxicity, grace, mental balance

heart, arthritis, autoimmune

pink zebra jasper

grounding, compassion + vitality; connects to infinite energy + love within universe; strengthens connections; shows us our truth

heart chakra

Please note that crystal healing is a complimentary, holistic practice, based on energy + intention; + therefore does not replace or serve as medical advice.