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Zen Gems Yoga

Self Love Crystal Bundle

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Crystals are believed to carry energetic healing benefits. Our Zen Gems motto is "energy flows where intention goes" -- so it goes without saying that synchronizing your energy to that in the stones you carry or wear can encourage you to be more mindful and aware about the energy you wish to attract.

Our crystal healing bundles are designed for specific intentions and energies -- each set including a powerhouse of crystals to deepen your self awareness while connecting to the energy in each stone. You can carry these little bundles with you in your purse, place under your pillow, use in any sacred spaces in your home, hold during meditation to align with their energy, etc. There is no right or wrong aside from staying open to your intentions. 

Each self love crystal bundle set includes the stones as listed below in a matching organza bag and description with the stones metaphysical properties.

Self Love (pink bag)

  • 4 stones: rose quartz, amazonite, garnet, rhodonite

Check out our other listings in the shop to suit your energy and intentions (anxiety/calming, self love, goddess (hormonal support), protection/grounding, joy/vitality, abundance/prosperity, chakra healing, intuition/spirituality). 

Please allow for some subtle variation in size and coloring as each gem is a product of Mother Nature's beauty