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Limitless Love Kreations

Santa Cam & Elf Cam Ornaments

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$12.72 CAD
These Christmas ornaments are perfect for little ones especially to help them be on their best behaviour around the Christmas season!

These Christmas Bulbs are 60mm available in glass or hard plastic.
Check the variants for the different color and type options!
The 'Santa Cam' bulb is sparkled in red (there is red, and fine glitter red), while the 'Elf Cam' bulb is sparkled in green (bother dark and lighter green) both of these ornaments have a camera the is glued on and sticks out (see pictures). The words are done in a permanent vinyl to adhere to the ornament.
The ornament comes with a ribbon tied onto the bulb making it convenient for you to hang on your tree, or any other surface you choose.