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Zen Gems Yoga

Root + Protect Gemstone Bracelet || Azurite Moss Agate Tourmaline Onyx

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featuring 6mm azurite/malachite, star cut onyx, tourmaline quartz and faceted moss agate

6mm bead size strung on high quality stretch elastic

7" size = small to medium

7.5" size = medium to large

(** measure your wrist with a measuring tape snugly and add one inch to get bracelet size)

Comes with a Zen Gems tag featuring the energetic properties of the stones below:  


freedom + individuality; positive change; azurite guides insight + spirituality; malachite brings calm, transformation + growth
joints, internal organs, stress

protects fr negativity; balances happiness, joy + abundance; spirituality; confidence; sharpens senses + intuition
depression, grief, root chakra

tourmaline quartz
amplifying quartz, cleansing/protective tourmaline, problem solving, mood boosting, good for spiritual seekers
depression, nervous system, fatigue

moss agate
“power” agate, balances emotions, strength, refreshes soul; everyday beauty; focus, new beginnings, abundance
anxiety, birth, removes toxins

Listing is for ONE bracelet.