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Zen Gems Yoga

Micro Bead Faceted Gemstone Bracelet

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2-3mm faceted micro bead gemstones threaded on a nylon coated wire. Bracelet is adjustable 7 to 9 inches.

In order of left to right in first picture: rainbow fluorite (pale teal/purple/clear), aquamarine (pale blue), amethyst (purple), watermelon tourmaline (pink/green/black hues), pyrite (sparkly bronze), moonstone (peach). 

Comes with a gemstone tag featuring the healing description of each gem.

mental clarity; increases concentration, decision making; balances chaos, brings inner peace, neutralizes negativity, meditation
insomnia,  all healing

energy of the ocean; connected to natural energy, spirit + beauty; washes away worry, encourages centeredness + inner awareness
lungs, inflammation, fear
stone of balance & peace; protection from negativity, self esteem, inner self, clarity, moving forward
all healing, immune support, headaches, sleep, hormones
watermelon tourmaline
variation of tourmaline ft. pink + green coloring; offers energy protection; invites compassion into heart chakra; amplifies power + ideas; connects to earth energy + spiritual strength

shields from negative energy; brings prosperity + abundance; strengthens the mind + heightens vitality; connects to earth + sun   
digestion, bones, lungs

manifests peace +  harmony within ones body + spirit; embraces femininity, intuition, + inner growth; connected to the moons cycle
hormones,  pregnancy