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Zen Gems Yoga

Majestic Goddess Gemstone Bracelet || Labradorite Sunstone Agate

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$34.00 CAD


featuring 8mm faceted larvikite, sunstone, labradorite and white agate

8mm bead size strung on high quality stretch elastic

7" size = small to medium

7.5" size = medium to large

(** measure your wrist with a measuring tape snugly and add one inch to get bracelet size)

Comes with a Zen Gems tag featuring the energetic properties of the stones below:  


power, transformation, magic, guides intuition, stimulates intellect, originality, inspiration, balances chakras

vision, brain, metabolism

stabilizes emotions; soothes the heart; cleanses negativity + integrates past with present; promotes new ideas + self reflection    
metabolism, detox, bp

grounding, protection, stabilizing, equilibrium between yin/yang energy, self-acceptance, strength, heightened consciousness
birth, pms, stomach, epilepsy

abundance + joy; integrating goddess powers of love + inner harmony; reflects qualities of light, openness, warmth + strength
digestion, aches + pains

Listing is for ONE bracelet.