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Magnesium Oil Spray

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Magnesium Oil - 4oz

This spray is a game changer for relaxation, especially since the majority of people are actually deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium also helps relieve body aches and discomforts due to sickness.

Ingredients Aqua, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Alginate.

How to use: Do not use on the face and avoid eye contact. This is not for ingesting, for external use only. Spray it on the body and lightly rub it in. This is also excellent when applied to the bottoms of the feet. It may still feel a bit greasy or moist on the skin. This is generally fully absorbed without a residue within a few minutes.

Adults - Use anywhere from 5-20 sprays per day.

Expect a tingling sensation when you first start to use magnesium oil. If this is your first time using magnesium oil, apply it to a small test patch first, to gauge the intensity of the tingling.