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Honey Comb Shelf (Set of 1)

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$39.95 CAD
Honeycomb Shelves are a beautiful addition to any wall, as decor alone or to display art, items, or plants


+ 20" length x 17" height x 4.5" wide

+ Approximate and can vary by 1 inch

+ Cedar Wood

+ Held together with nails & glue for stability.  Can hold up to 5 lbs.

Each shelf is unique due to the nature of wood and has perfect imperfections such as knots, nicks, small cracks, and holes.  Your shelf is completely made with hands and each process/distressing makes a one of a kind product.


Once you have decided how you would like to design your shelves on your wall, hammer a nail (or 2) in the spot you want, and leave at least 1" of the nail sticking out of the wall. Then simply hang the ledge of the wooden shelf from the nail on the wall. Once you have assembled the first shelf, proceed to mount the remaining shelves in the design of your choice in the same way.