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Zen Gems Yoga

EMBRACE Adjustable Gemstone Bracelet

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Winter '21 Collection

Gold plated adjustable bracelet (fits all sizes of wrists up to a maximum size of 9.5")

Features your choice of L to R: labradorite (grey), tourmaline (black), lodolite/garden quartz (clear with mossy inclusions), super 7 (translucent purple with warm hued inclusions), lapis lazuli (blue), moonstone (white) cylinder bead (measures approx 8x12mm)

Comes with description card of the stones energy.

power, transformation, magic, guides intuition, stimulates intellect, originality, inspiration, balances chakras
vision, brain, metabolism

black tourmaline
powerful grounding/protection stone, Earth/Spirit connection, purification, cleanses negativity energy, brings positivity light in dark times
mental heath, digestion, detox

used in healing + meditation; releases negativity, manifests inspiring intentions; enhances communication + spiritual connections   
internal organs, eyes

super 7 (“melody stone”)
a blend of 7 minerals (amethyst, quartz, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite + lepidocrocite) that shift the vibration of the universe, activates all chakras, guides spirituality, inner peace, deep healing + inter-connection across all planes

lapis lazuli
total awareness + truth; used to purify + revitalize physically + emotionally; activates higher mind; relieves stress w/ inner peace + harmony 
depression, immune, adhd, detox, sleep

manifests peace +  harmony within ones body + spirit; embraces femininity, intuition, + inner growth; connected to the moons cycle
hormones,  pregnancy