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Zen Gems Yoga

Divinely Guided Quartz/Tourmaline Pendulum Necklace (Gold, Silver, Rose Gold)

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on silver, gold or rose gold plated 18" stainless steel chain

* double terminated points measure 26-36mm long

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, which radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously at both ends channeling it in two directions at once.  This makes these stones advantageous for healing and spiritual purposes. Each of these terminations represent balance, integrating spirit and matter, and reminding us of the need to both give and take.

Please allow for some variation in each crystal as each one is a product of earths natural beauty.  

crystal quartz

increases energy around the body; purity, perseverance, patience, stabilizes emotions, clarity, manifestation, soul purpose, amplifies crystals

all healing

tourmaline quartz

amplifying quartz, cleansing/protectiv

CRYSTAL PENDULUMS magnify energy & can be used to answer any question. Ask your pendulum a question and identify it’s movement. Ask the opposite question – the opposite movement will occur – and you have now identified how your pendulum answers “yes” or “no”. Your “inner space” knows everything. When you ask your pendulum a question, it moves, as does your arm, which you are not consciously moving. Pendulums respond well when they are treated well and sincere; they are attuned to your energy and intuition.