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Zen Gems Yoga

Divinely Guided Amazonite/Moonstone Pendulum Necklace

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your choice of white moonstone on a 24" silver chain, or amazonite double terminated points on gold plated stainless steel chain.

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, which radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously at both ends channeling it in two directions at once.  This makes these stones advantageous for healing and spiritual purposes. Each of these terminations represent balance, integrating spirit and matter, and reminding us of the need to both give and take.

Please allow for some variation in each crystal as each one is a product of earths natural beauty. Amazonite colors will vary in coloring from shades of teal, to earthy neutrals with tan/grey inclusions and coloring. Sizes will vary slightly based on the approx size of your choosing at checkout.


hope, loving communication, speaking ones truth, confidence, feminine/masculine balance, practicality, manifestation

heart, nervous system, stress


manifests peace +  harmony within ones body + spirit; embraces femininity, intuition, + inner growth; connected to the moons cycle

hormones,  pregnancy