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Zen Gems Yoga

Balanced Spirit Gemstone Bracelet

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featuring star cut faceted black onyx, smoky quartz and dalmatian jasper with gold plated hematite spacers

8mm bead size strung on high quality stretch elastic

7" size = small to medium

7.5" size = medium to large

(** measure your wrist with a measuring tape snugly and add one inch to get bracelet size)

Comes with a Zen Gems tag featuring the energetic properties of the stones 

Listing is for ONE bracelet.

dalmatian jasper

encourages grounding + connecting physical/spiritual energy; stone of loyalty; enables one to see strengths/weaknesses; liveliness + joy

nerves/muscles, immunity


protects fr negativity; balances happiness, joy + abundance; spirituality; confidence; sharpens senses + intuition

depression, grief, root chakra

smoky quartz

grounds + protects; oneness w/ universe; vitality + intuition; emotional balance + relaxation, meditation; clears energy blockages

depression, adhd, root chakra (legs, spine)