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Zen Gems Yoga

Ascent Incense

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Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada

Beautifully scented, clean burn incense -- perfect for your altar space, to use in ritual or ceremony.

Each package contains 12 incense sticks.

Your choice of the following scents:

  • Vanilla: A warm, sweet + sexy scent. Vanilla has amazing calming + aphrodisiac effects. It is well known for reducing stress + anxiety.
  • Frankincense: The original incense. Its uplifting effects are centering and purifying with the traditional warm, sweet aroma. Highly recommended to setting a meditative space.
  • OM: A bouquet of mildly green and earthy florals with a fresh citrus top note. Bergamot, sweet orange and gardenia are gently balanced with sandalwood.
  • Sandalwood: Used in incense of at least 4,000 years. Its effects are relaxing with a woody, sweet and exotic scent.
  • Patchouli: Herbaceous and musky in aroma. Patchouli has a satisfying earth quality that is great to ground a person. Helps with peace of mind and is a great aphrodisiacs. Edgy, unique and a classic straight from the 60's.
  • Loganberry: a refreshing twist of unripened berries with a spritz of tart sweetness
  • India: Walking through a market, sipping a fresh cup of spicy chai, the fragrance of orchids, jasmine and roses fills the air. Indian floral notes combined with spicy notes of cardamom and clove, grounded by patchouli create this fragrance blend.
  • Rainforest: crisp, stimulating aromas of spruce, fir and cedar woods with earthy floral notes. The fresh scent of an ancient forest.