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Zen Gems Yoga

Amazonite / Rose Quartz Half Circle Necklace

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$42.00 CAD
Gold plated stainless steel in either amazonite or rose quartz. 
This 18" gold plated textured oval chain makes a statement with a stunning faceted half circle gemstone. The half circle is thought up as a part of a whole; representing the duality between opposites - day/night, light/dark, yin/yang, feminine/masculine, conscious/unconscious.  It represents the soul and mind, a half perfect, half divine, undergoing change or being a part of a phase.
rose quartz
unconditional love, compassion, infinite peace, kindness, calm, sensitivity, purifying, balances emotions
heart chakra, pain, anxiety, hormones, circulation
hope, loving communication, speaking ones truth, confidence, feminine/masculine balance, practicality, manifestation
heart, nervous system, stress