Let Me Tell You 'bout My Best... BOOKS

Let Me Tell You 'bout My Best... BOOKS

Do you remember as a child going to the library and getting to pick out new books to read? It was always so much fun trying to find a book with an enticing cover, maybe a funny title, or brightly drawn illustrations. While library time and silent reading may not have been everyones favourite school activity, children generally love books! It allows children to learn new skills, use their imaginations and can be an escape from reality.

As a teacher, parent and avid book enthusiast, books have always been a staple in our own household! It's even a big trend currently to gift a book at a baby shower instead of a card, to fill a young child's home library. This is why having a selection of local authors in our store has been a passion of ours and is constantly growing. We started with 2 books and 1 author, and over the last year, we have expanded to having 10 books from 4 authors! 


A little bit about our authors...


Amber Antymniuk

Amber grew up on an acreage just outside of Tisdale, SK, allowing her to use her imagination and creative side! She received a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Regina, specializing in Arts Education and completed a Fine Arts degree as well. Amber taught Arts Education in the Saskatoon Public School Division for a handful of years before diving into her role as a stay-at-home parent. Amber continues to work with children by visiting schools, reading her books and creating visual art projects with students.

Find out more about Amber Antymniuk here.


Bob Bartel 

From small town Waldheim, SK, Bob Bartel spent many of his years as a teacher. In 1986, Bob and his family moved to Happy Valley, Labrador, where he gained an understanding of the Innu Nation and their struggles through story telling, giving him the idea to write his first children's book. In collaboration with Innu Artist, Mary Ann Penashue, and various other community members, "Nataui's Cap" was published and features both Nutuashish and Sheshatshiu translation (two dialects of the Innu Nation). Bob since has written another children's book, "The Colors Jesse Sees", teaching children about colours and farming equipment! 

Find out more about Bob Bartel here.


M. Larson

Based in rural Saskatchewan, Melanie is a mom of three, farm wife, environmental consultant and author. Her first book, "Count Them! 50 Tractors Troubles" was published in 2018 to help children learn to count while also teaching them about farm safety. Melanie released her second book in 2019, "The Day I Lost my Bear in Cypress Hills", which is the first in the "Adventure of the Barnyard Boys" series. Over the years, Melanie has released a handful of other books that feature farming, construction, and even dinosaurs!

 Find out more about M. Larson here


Paige Bautz

Paige resides in Saskatchewan with her daughter, Presley and dog Arlo. She has a business admin certificate, as well as her Bachelors of Education. Presley was born premature and stayed in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Jim Pattison Children's Hospital in Saskatoon. Since her daughter first diagnosis, Paige has become a strong advocate and ally for those with disabilities and neurodivergent individuals. Paige was inspired to write a book about their experience in the NICU and having a preemie baby. She has since launched many initiatives and programs to help other NICU families. 


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Available Books

*listing of available books may vary from the date of this posting to current*
Grandpa's Garage - Explore the items you might find in grandpa's workshop
Grandma's Garden - Discover the wonders you may see in grandma's garden
H is for Home - A Saskatchewan alphabet, through rhyme and simple illustrations
The Colors Jesse Sees - Grass isn't green, it is John Deere! Learn about colours and farming equipment through the lens of a young farm boy. 
Count Them! 50 Tractor Troubles - Explore safety on and off the farm too while learning to count from 1 to 50.
The Alphabet Construction Troubles - Learn the alphabet through real life pictures of construction troubles (aka tractors in trouble).
The Colours in Tractor Troubles - Identify over 26 different colours through tractors!
The Day I Discovered a Dinosaurs Bone?! - The Backyard Boys find a fossil! What dinosaur does it belong to? 
The Day I Lost My Bear in Cypress Hills - A lost bear in Cypress Hills needs your help! Explore southern Saskatchewan and help the Backyard Boys find the lost teddy. 
The Day Petunia Had Piglets in the Strawberry Patch - Help the Backyard Boys find their missing pig, Petunia!
Me, You and the NICU - Celebrate the tender moments, acknowledge the fears and embrace life in the NICU 


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